Alternative Cooling Methods for Data Centers

Data center cooling has traditionally been tackled one way. Air conditioning units (or CRACs) are placed around the outside wall of the room and aligned with the hot aisle. They then pump cold air underneath a raised floor for distribution in the cold aisle. While this method is generally considered an effective technique, it has a big limitation. It makes air travel long distances through open spaces between the CRAC and the equipment needing cooling. This contributes to inefficiency. 

Running Hot and Cold: What Your Data Center Shouldn’t Do

When it comes to a data center’s power usage effectiveness (PUE), every IT manager wants to get as close to that perfect score of 1.0 as possible. One of the biggest causes of high PUE is an inefficient data center infrastructure – namely, your physical setup. Just like in relationships, the last thing you want is a data center running hot and cold.

Data Center Infrastructure Management: What You Need to Know

Increasing efficiency in the data center can be a challenge, but it’s possible with facility-wide collaboration. Bring together the skills of your IT and operations personnel with an infrastructure management strategy that meets your facility’s needs well into the future. Learn how data center infrastructure management (DCIM) can benefit your facility and how to start implementing your strategy today.

Defining Efficiency: How Data Centers Can Prepare for the Future

Data center managers often say, “I want my data center to run more efficiently,” or ask “What solutions do you have that will drive efficiency?” While these are important questions to ask, they’re challenging to answer because not everyone has the same definitions of efficiency and success. Some managers consider only the amount of power and cooling being used, while some think it’s all about using whitespace. Others focus on processing and network connectivity.

5 Ways Healthcare Infrastructure Can Improve Patient Experience

In the last year, overall patient satisfaction in the healthcare industry has dropped. In fact, patient satisfaction is the lowest it’s been in nearly ten years. Increasing patient satisfaction starts with improving facilities. Make improvements to healthcare infrastructure to increase overall satisfaction and help healthcare professionals make better decisions.

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