Smart Classrooms: Helping Students and Teachers Thrive

Only a few years ago, classrooms were bursting with blackboards, pencils and notebooks. Today, you don’t have to look far to find a plethora of monitors, computers, tablets and smartphones. Recent advances in technology have found their way into schools because of the numerous benefits to both students and teachers. Increased school performance, healthier lifestyles and added convenience can all be achieved by integrating technology with traditional classroom learning for a truly smart classroom.

4 Reasons Why Medical Devices Must Be Secured

As medical technology moves toward increasing connectivity, the door has opened to security breaches. Since 2005, over 880 million records have been stolen due to data breaches. With today’s advances in technology, patients and physicians have better access to lifesaving medicine and procedures. But keeping patients and their data safe from cyber criminals is a growing concern.

Why Fiber Optic Micro Cables Could Soon Change Our Networks

North America is fast learning that size matters when it comes to cable installation. Legacy conduits are becoming congested with large traditional loose tube cables. This has caused a demand for cost-effective smaller cables with higher fiber density.

Internet of Things: Fueling the Future of Oil and Gas

In the past few years, falling oil prices have rocked the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas companies have had to get creative to remain profitable. Investing in new technology has shown promise for improving profitability and lowering costs. Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, companies can leverage data to increase efficiency, raise security standards, and better their bottom line.

Why Automation in Manufacturing Is Good for Business

In today’s global environment, manufacturers are fighting to stay ahead of the competition. New technology is giving some manufacturers an upper hand. Industrial automation and smart machines are increasing productivity, cutting costs, and creating more agile supply chains for manufacturers in many industries.

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