Mining in the Age of the Internet of Things

As one of the oldest and most heavily regulated trades in the world, mining faces challenges that are shared across many industries yet uniquely complex due to harsh, changing environments. While the cost of doing business rises due to volatile commodity prices and a shrinking talent pool, decision makers must maintain an urgent focus on safety, efficiency and social responsibility. Mining is well-positioned to leverage emerging technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT) to meet these competing demands.

Mine operators can take advantage of IoT data through RFIDs, Radio over IP, and video for greater safety and efficiency. 

Reduce Arc Flash Risk in Mines With Remote Racking

Mining presents a variety of risks to those working underground. But one of the most dangerous risks in mining electrical work is an arc flash. An arc fault heats the air around it in an electrical enclosure, causing pressure to build and metals to vaporize, leading to an arc flash. The high temperatures destroy even the most powerful metals and the pressure forces shrapnel outwards.

How to Keep Your Gas Detector Reading Accurately

Are you in the market for a new gas detector? You may wonder if you can use the same calibration gas that you’ve been using for the detectors you are replacing or phasing out. Usually, the answer is “no.” The gas values used for older models, even if by the same manufacturer, don’t often match the gas values required for new units. Even if two gas detectors have identical sensors and features, the calibration gas values needed may be completely different.

How Automation and the IIoT are Improving Industrial Communication

In its earliest days, industrial automation made waves in manufacturing simply by increasing productivity and reducing high human operator costs. While those advantages are still a major draw for many businesses, the focus has broadened in recent years. Decision makers are now seeking solutions to make their processes safer, flexible and more accurate.

Is LED right for your facility? (Infographic)

By now, you’ve probably heard of some of the benefits of LED lighting. LEDs last longer than other bulbs, reducing maintenance and costs, and can increase productivity. LEDs are also intelligent and hold potential to unlock further savings through the Internet of Things. But is LED lighting really right for your facility? Whether you work in retail, commercial or industrial sectors, answering that question is easier than ever.

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