3 Major Ways LEDs are Evolving: Lessons Learned From LIGHTFAIR International

This year's LIGHTFAIR International conference was held April 26-28 at the San Diego Convention Center. As usual, it was bustling with packed trade show floors and educational sessions. But this year’s focus was on more than the revolution of competitively priced LEDs.

4 Subtle Ways LED Lighting Can Help Your Business

So, you’re considering installing LED lighting at your facility. You’ve heard all about what it can do for energy savings and the environment, and you’re intrigued.

To add to your enthusiasm, here are four subtle ways this technology can help your business.

How LED Lighting Can Change the Way You See a Bagel

Picture this: You’re sitting in a conference room, eyeing a gorgeous asiago cheese bagel. Your mouth starts to salivate. Your eyes begin to bulge. All you want – all you can think about – is that bagel.

5 Examples of LED Lighting That Would Brighten Your Evening Commute

When most of us leave work, getting home and turning off our brains sounds pretty enticing. So while you’re driving and daydreaming about sweatpants and a comfy couch, here are five examples of LED lighting that would brighten your evening commute. Literally.

Is LED lighting right for your museum?

Lighting can greatly influence how we experience a museum. It’s what draws us to the intricacies of a sculpture or the vivid colors of a painting. By illuminating these pieces the right way, museums can really enhance their visitors' viewing pleasure. 

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