How IP Video Can Improve Retail Operations

With retail theft on the rise, many retailers install Internet protocol (IP) cameras for security purposes. But the benefits of video surveillance can go far beyond reducing shoplifting. Many retailers don’t realize that IP-based video is data that can be gathered, stored and analyzed just like any other electronic information.

5 Keys to Better Video Surveillance Image Quality

When a surveillance camera is installed, you want to know that the images it captures will be crisp, clear and useful. To get the most from video surveillance, it’s important to understand the basic factors that contribute to good image usability. Learn how light affects exposure settings and contributes to image quality to guarantee that your images always look sharp, never fuzzy.

4 Reasons Why Medical Devices Must Be Secured

As medical technology moves toward increasing connectivity, the door has opened to security breaches. Since 2005, over 880 million records have been stolen due to data breaches. With today’s advances in technology, patients and physicians have better access to lifesaving medicine and procedures. But keeping patients and their data safe from cyber criminals is a growing concern.

Make Access Control Selection Easy by Asking These Questions

Security professionals know that there is an almost endless supply of market-available access control solutions. The ensuing headaches that come from selecting the wrong system can be avoided by doing a little homework and asking the right questions. Having all the facts guarantees that you’ll choose a solution ideally suited to your customers' needs.

4K: The Next Standard in Surveillance Video

For years, high-definition (HD) security cameras were considered the gold standard. Cutting-edge technology is changing that. New 4K surveillance camera technology offers major benefits and opportunities to the video security industry. With the biggest advantage of higher resolution, 4K technology is changing the industry. The 4K standard of camera technology has already shown great promise in the broadcast, digital cinema and consumer businesses. 

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