4K: The Next Standard in Surveillance Video

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For years, high-definition (HD) security cameras were considered the gold standard. Cutting-edge technology is changing that. New 4K surveillance camera technology offers major benefits and opportunities to the video security industry. With the biggest advantage of higher resolution, 4K technology is changing the industry. The 4K standard of camera technology has already shown great promise in the broadcast, digital cinema and consumer businesses. 

Here’s why 4K has the potential to become the next resolution standard in the security industry.

What is 4K?

4K is the description given to any video, digital cinematographic material, or streamed content with about 4,000 pixels from side to side. Most video content today is about twice as wide as it is high. That’s why we can say that 4K has about 2,000 pixels from top to bottom.

Because 4K has several versions, these are approximate numbers. In its simplest form, 4K delivers an image four times the overall quality of HD and about 24 times the quality of standard definition.

Higher Resolution

Looking at pixel count, one 4K camera captures up to four times what a Full HD (1080p) camera can. A 4K camera captures more detail, even at a farther distance.

Higher resolution also means more accuracy. A typical security application has two types of demands: situational awareness and detailed monitoring of specific areas. For post-incident analysis, there’s often a great need to monitor specific areas. With 4K, it’s possible to achieve both at the same time. A camera with this technology captures the important moment in more detail than ever before.

Clearer Images

The benefit of an increased number of pixels found in a 4K image is easily seen by looking at a still image. More pixels captured means that objects displayed inside an image are more defined compared to an HD image. This makes it easier to identify content within the image because the content is less blurred.

Redefining the Industry

For a camera that delivers a clear image with dramatically increased efficiency and lower operational costs, look no further than 4K. 4K technology delivers maximum return on investment for video surveillance applications in cities, public spaces, airports, roads and railways. 

Industry-leading image quality, combined with powerful analytics and smart setup, allows for an exciting new standard of video surveillance applications.

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