5 Examples of LED Lighting That Would Brighten Your Evening Commute

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When most of us leave work, getting home and turning off our brains sounds pretty enticing. So while you’re driving and daydreaming about sweatpants and a comfy couch, here are five examples of LED lighting that would brighten your evening commute. Literally.

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1. Los Angeles Highways

L.A.’s highways have become their own celebrity on both the big and small screens. Now the streets that captivated audiences with their eerie yellow glow look dramatically different. Over the past four years, the city has replaced more than 140,000 streetlights with LEDs. The results will forever change how we see the famous roads that made movies like “Collateral” more memorable. 

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2. San Francisco’s Bay Bridge

Like we really needed another reason to love San Francisco. In 2013, the Bay Lights project converted the city’s Bay Bridge into an LED spectacle. It produced a nighttime vision that residents, and almost everyone else, couldn’t get enough of. The city's toursim spiked in the months following the installation. That was enough to earn them a permanent spot on the bridge in the form of 25,000 connected light points. 

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3. Dubai’s Meydan Bridge

If you’re ever in Dubai, do not miss this gem. The Meydan Bridge is adorned in bright blue LEDs that make it look like a Disney World attraction. Aside from its mesmerizing appeal, the bridge is a primary route to the annual Dubai World Cup, the world’s richest horse race. The city wanted to give spectators, including celebrities and royalty, a memorable entrance to the event. We’re pretty sure they succeeded. 

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4. Louisville’s Big Four Bridge

The Big Four Bridge in Louisville, Ky., doesn’t just illuminate the night sky – it actually performs. Since February 2015, a nightly show takes place that involves rainbow effects, different color combinations, and dancing lights. There are even themes around certain holidays.

5. Houston’s Multicolor Bridges

If you’re ever on U.S. 59 in Houston, Texas, keep your eye on several bridges in the Montrose area. A project is underway to relight the popular landmarks with color-changing LEDs. Commuters and residents loved the bridges’ original lights and how they gave the neighborhood a distinctive look. If the bridges get their long-awaited lighting makeover, it’ll be hard not to be awed.

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