6 Reasons to Utilize a GSA Schedule During Year-End and COVID-19

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It’s that time of year when Government Services Administration (GSA) schedules are in the spotlight. Many federal agencies use these schedules to access discounted products and services that will streamline the federal procurement process. This contract vehicle is particularly important during federal year-end buying season. Every year, agencies scramble to spend their remaining budgets by the September 30 deadline or else lose their funds.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, GSA approved emergency acquisition flexibilities according to SPE Memo SPE-2020-07. GSA has temporarily increased the micro-purchase threshold from $10,000 to $20,000 until September 30th. According to the GSA Micro-Purchase Delegation of Authority, the micro-purchase threshold permits customers to directly acquire projects and services in facilities under the jurisdiction, custody, and control of GSA, only if the cost of the work comes in under the threshold.

6 Benefits of a GSA Schedule

If you’re still uncertain about using these schedules during COVID-19, here are six benefits that might persuade you.

1. Eliminate the Public Bid Process.

Using a GSA schedule gives you the opportunity to request multiple quotes from different schedules. You can also review awarded pricing instead of posting the opportunity as a public bid. Believe it or not, the typical time to be awarded a public bid is nearly 300 days.

GSA also offers fair and reasonable pricing that could help you avoid requesting and evaluating multiple quotes for smaller purchases, allowing you to save precious time.

2. Enjoy Fast Delivery

Items can be delivered within 3-5 days in most cases.

3. Save Money

Pre-negotiated GSA schedule pricing is known to be fair and reasonable. Customers may also request special quotes for larger orders, which could result in more savings beyond discounted schedule prices. In some cases, there may be a maximum order limit based on SIN number.

4. Save Time

GSA schedule orders average 15 days for procurement and delivery, while open market purchasing could take up to 268 days.

5. Shop Online

You can conveniently shop 24/7 at GSA Advantage for specific products on the schedule.

6. Increased Micro-Purchase Threshold

Since GSA increased the micro-purchase threshold to $20 thousand until September 30th, it will be easier for government agencies to obtain COVID-19 related supplies by the federal fiscal year-end spend deadline. Our GSA schedule GS-21F-0168W has nitrile gloves, respirators, and face shields, however, inventory levels remain volatile – first come, first served.

The Greatest Benefit?

GSA schedules make it easier to navigate business with the federal government. Our experienced Government team can help you take advantage of our schedules and federal capabilities during the busiest time of year.

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