Adapting for Successful AV Deployments

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Despite the pandemic and the economic issues created by it, Pro AV is still predicted to experience strong growth the closer we get to 2024.

Professional audio visual integrators will be asking two questions: “What is driving this growth?” and “How can I grow along with this trend?” The simple answers to these questions are convergence and scalability. Phil Langley, Senior Vice President, Global Pro AV & UCC with WESCO and Anixter, unpacks those simple answers and delivers an inside look at what this growth trend means and how everyone in the industry can take advantage.

As decision-making shifts from facilities and real estate to IT and the office of the CIO, the Pro AV industry needs to understand that IT wants solutions that are uniform, plug and play, and easily replicated across large geographic areas. This leaves little room for creative or proprietary solutions that can’t be scaled.

The convergence of technology, in which Pro AV plays a large role, has led to the commoditization of Pro AV and unified communications and collaboration technologies, making previously complex deployments and projects much simpler. We’re also seeing a higher volume of projects across large geographic areas within every environment and sector, which also drives the need for scalability.


The global professional audiovisual industry will grow to more than $325 billion in 2024, from $247 billion in 2019, according to updated forecasts in the 2019 AV Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis (IOTA) Global Summary produced by AVIXA™.

So how can Integrators scale successfully?

The combined company of WESCO and Anixter is perfectly positioned to offer an unmatched product portfolio and capabilities in AV technologies and AV supply chain solutions to help integrators scale, whether the project is in town or out of the country.

With nearly everything you need to help navigate the changes we’re seeing in the industry, our expertise and solutions will benefit you in several ways. Developing and managing your supply chain to improve working capital and sourcing while reducing scrap and obsolescence. Project deployment services to streamline projects involving multiple product sets, multiple contractors, integrators or installers, large inventory management issues and national or global rollouts. Installation enhancement services help to reduce costs and speed installations, while our technical expertise can help you with day-two capabilities.

For decades, we have invested to create a local presence in over 50 countries and 300 cities, understanding the local standards, processes and market needs with in-country teams operating in local languages, time zones and currencies.

Our global capabilities translate into local and regional advantages as well. The same concepts of scalability apply to deployments across cities, states or the country. A partner with global abilities brings the increased efficiencies, cost reductions and consistencies that enable scalability. Integrators need that global supply chain to deal with things like product stock, credit terms, product education and labor optimization. WESCO and Anixter add value and project speed to underpin projects, reduce supply chain stressors and help you keep up with current and future changes the market will demand of the pro AV industry.

The Evolution of Pro AV: From Analog to Digital and Beyond