Why You Should Add an LED Upgrade to Your Reopening Checklist

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A single question is on the minds of facility and operations managers nationwide: what steps can we take to ensure a safe and successful re-opening? 

While some measures (like installing plexiglass shields or capping building capacity) are temporary solutions to mitigate infection risk, there’s never been a better time to revisit the other facility upgrades on your wish list.

In particular: LED lighting, with its dramatic effects on employee experience, well-being, and even safety, can be a simple, cost-effective solution.

Why Upgrade to LED Lighting Now?

Hint: It’s cheaper and easier than ever

If a lighting upgrade sounds complicated and expensive, perhaps you’re envisioning labor-intensive re-wiring or unseen complications meeting code requirements. Who has the time or budget to manage that while regular operations are in full-swing?

Lighting upgrade hassles are a thing of the past, thanks to innovative new products designed for easily retrofitting conventional fluorescent troffer lights with LED. Plus you likely have the benefit of an empty or partially empty space.

Let’s look at what you can gain with LED lighting.

Enhanced Occupant Well-Being and Productivity

Bad lighting (i.e., harsh fluorescent lighting) is a common workplace complaint. A study by the American Society of Interior Designers found that 68% of office employees had complained about the lighting at work. Considering its well-documented effects on mood, focus, and even sleep patterns, lighting should be a primary consideration in schools, offices, and medical facilities.

Balancing Aesthetics and Safety

Generally speaking, well-lit spaces are safer. But “brighter” isn’t always better, especially when it comes to fluorescent lighting and its negative aesthetic effects, not to mention potential UV radiation. It’s better to focus on overall light quality, including CRI (color rendering index). The higher the CRI, the more closely the lighting mimics natural light sources. Today’s LED lighting not only offers the inviting look of incandescent lighting; it typically has a higher CRI, which is key in color-critical applications like healthcare and retail.

Zero Maintenance

Facilities that switch to LED can expect dramatic energy savings – often enough for the upgrade to pay for itself in a few years. If you’re expecting a budget crunch in the coming months or years, an LED update can help ensure your facility remains energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Long-Term Energy Savings

No one likes disrupting normal operations to replace a dead fluorescent lamp or the hassle of properly disposing of them. With LED lighting, you won’t need to worry about it. That’s because high-quality LED systems can last around 20 years without requiring maintenance or replacement. And unlike fluorescent lighting, the light quality won’t diminish over time.

LED Retrofit: A Seamless Solution

Traditionally, the only real downside to upgrading to LED has been the upfront cost. Perhaps it has even kept you from modernizing your facility’s lighting. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn just how cost-effective retrofitting can be today, thanks to new products specifically designed to replace fluorescent lights 1-1 without re-wiring.

A retrofit solution like Metalux FPanel can drastically improve both aesthetics and performance. As a contractor, designer, or bottom-line focused decision-maker, choosing the right lighting solution can save you time on installation and improve aesthetics:

Easy Installation

Modern fixtures make it easy to connect fixture to circuit and fixture to fixture while avoiding common installation obstacles like limited space. From integrated grid retention clips to additional LV wires to enable field-installed emergency back-up lighting, you can expect a quick and painless installation process with minimal disruption and labor costs.

Architectural Appeal

When leveraging a seamless solution with advanced LED optics, you can achieve a smooth, glare-free illumination. With a range of options, you can customize a solution perfect for your application—from high-lumen configurations for higher ceilings to low-wattage options and a suspension kit.

By choosing the right partner for your LED retrofit project, you can expect a quick and painless installation process with minimal disruption and labor costs —including noticeably-improved aesthetics and efficiency.

We can’t think of a much better way to welcome your employees, customers, or students back when the time comes.

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The opinions expressed in this piece are solely Cooper Lighting Solutions. They do not necessarily represent WESCO’s views.