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We’ve covered a lot on the WESCO blog this year! Whether it's industry updates and perspectives, new products and technologies, or informative case studies and whitepapers, the WESCO blog is packed with information for you. We hope it has been an asset to you and your business this year.

Across our industries and topics, here are our top 11 most popular blog posts from 2018.


7 Simple Strategies for Effective Construction Material Management

Profitable construction projects are the result of a successful blend of labor, material and equipment management. Here are seven basic strategies that will improve construction project efficiency and keep workers on task.

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Live Line Work: Does Your Day Start With Luck or Safety?

The utility industry is filled with risks and hazards that other lines of business do not experience. So how do we encourage workers to follow procedures, maintain a focus on safety, and avoid shortcuts? The answer isn’t by leaving it up to luck.

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6 Essential Elements of Lockout/Tagout

A typical lockout program can contain over 80 separate elements. Keep these tasks manageable by identifying the essential components of your lockout/tagout safety and use this base to continuously improve your program. Here are six key elements to help get you started.

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8 Ways to Step up to Ladder Safety (Infographic)

Since 20 percent of occupational fall injuries involve ladders, falls are a serious concern for both employers and employees. Here are eight ladder safety tips to help workers stay supported while getting the job done.

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4 Ways Campus Lighting Can Help (or Hinder) Students 

A big determinant of campus success is lighting. For students working long hours underneath classroom lights, ensuring the right brightness is critical. These are four ways lighting can either help or hurt students on campus.

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What You Don’t Know About USB Charging

In the relationship between a smartphone and a USB charging port, it’s the phone that has the power. Yet many people believe it’s the USB port that’s in control. That’s just one of the common misconceptions surrounding USB charging. Another is the amount of power a device needs to charge.

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3 Unique Industries Finding Creative Uses for Solar Energy

In 2018, switching to solar is a trend that's gaining momentum in unexpected places. Here’s how three industries are taking advantage of solar opportunities and transforming the way they do business.

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Streamline Lighting Projects With Kit, Staged-and-Stored Solutions

Efficiency on a lighting project is critical to profitability. Contractors seek ways to save time and money — particularly on labor costs — to ensure maximum profitability from every job. Here are some challenges that lighting installations present and how partnering on a staged-and-stored solution will streamline the process.

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Power over Ethernet: An IoT Intelligent Building Platform

Modern buildings require a scalable intelligent network cabling infrastructure for all IP enabled building systems including wireless, security, video and lighting. Designs should provide capacity beyond current requirements to simplify future upgrades and better support the fully converged building of the future.

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5 Ways Security Cameras Can Improve Manufacturing

Beyond traditional security and surveillance applications, video cameras in manufacturing and assembly environments are tools used to improve personnel management, maintain safety, reduce liability and optimize efficiency.

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Predictive Maintenance and Analytics in Mining

With a growing need to run safer, more efficient operations, the mining industry in particular has a lot to gain by leveraging Digital Transformation technologies. Savvy mine operators and leaders have seized the opportunity to make better decisions that improve overall operational productivity as well as safety.

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