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It’s been a big year for the WESCO blog! From construction and industrial to government and utility, we’ve covered a lot of new technology, industry trends and standards updates. Whether it’s increasing safety, becoming more productive, improving processes, or increasing profitability, we hope the WESCO blog has been an asset to you and your business.

Covering a variety of topics and industries, here are our top 9 most popular blog posts from 2017.



A Visual Guide to NEMA Ratings for Enclosures (Infographic)

This infographic will help you choose the right electrical enclosure to keep electrical equipment protected from the elements. Whether it’s dust, water, ice, chemicals or oil, your equipment can be sheltered.

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Arc Flash Safety: A Five-Point Plan to Compliance

Few hazards are more dangerous to electrical workers than an arc flash. Give your workers the tools and support they need to avoid a potential catastrophe with this five-point plan to compliance.  

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Is LED right for your facility? (Infographic)

You may be aware of some of the benefits of LED lighting. But is this type of lighting really right your facility? Ask yourself these questions from our partners at Current, powered by GE to see if you should choose LED.

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Why All Businesses Should Embrace Lighting Retrofits

LED technology is quickly evolving. No longer is it just a way to illuminate buildings and streets – smart lighting can increase safety and productivity. While the initial cost may seem restrictive, lighting retrofits often pay for themselves. Learn why you don’t need a limitless budget to upgrade.

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How Construction Can Become a More Efficient Industry

By changing daily habits, the construction industry can “Lean up” and eliminate some common inefficiencies. Using vendor-managed inventory, job trailers and job carts can keep your business profitable. Engage with experts to go Lean.

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Electrical Safety: 6 Steps to Staying Grounded

Staying safe while working on a line is critical. A line could be energized instantly, creating a dangerous situation for a lineman. Follow OSHA and ASTM requirements to promote a safe work zone and reduce the chance of an electrical hazard. Stay grounded by following these six steps to electrical safety.

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Datacom and Security Expert Webinar Archive

Watch free, on-demand webinars on datacom and security topics. Subjects covered in 2017 include cloud computing, data center design, cable management, PoE lighting, high density fiber and more. Learn from our industry-leading supplier partners: APC, Berk-Tek Leviton, Cisco, CommScope, Corning, CPI, Siemon and Panduit.

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Why Category 6A Should Be Your Cable of Choice

Category 6A is quickly becoming the popular choice for network infrastructure. Consumer demands are increasing, and Category 6A brings many benefits to the table. Here are five reasons why Category 6A should be your cable of choice from our partners at Panduit.

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3 Unique Industries Finding Creative Uses for Solar Energy

Solar installations are expected to increase by 2 million next year. As solar gains momentum, some industries are taking advantage of solar opportunities and transforming how they do business. Here’s what’s new in solar for the U.S. military, sports teams and schools.

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