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Connecting the first security camera to a network was a major innovation that changed the way the security industry operates. Surveillance systems integrating with speakers, door stations, and software have led to additional opportunities for creating proactive security solutions – a revolutionary idea as opposed to the more traditional reactive security approaches.

Moving analytics and functionality to the edge, or directly onto the devices, was another innovation making systems smarter and faster. These innovations made it easier to implement sophisticated security measures in more challenging locations, such as work sites in remote locations with varying weather conditions and throughout public transportation.

Technology advances continue to create new possibilities for ways of conducting business and life. This state of constant innovation and improvement enables many to feel comfortable that they are making the world a smarter, safer place.

Body-worn solutions were another revolutionary innovation providing more opportunities for business and security, creating accountability and providing protective measures where cameras previously couldn’t go. With Axis Communications officially entering the body-worn market, there is now an opportunity for these benefits to be felt throughout the channel.

Why Body-Worn Solutions?

Body-worn solutions offer a level of relief and accountability for those in work environments that are always on the go. They can be applied to security and staff in busier areas to provide an extra set of eyes. Body-worn cameras also act as a deterrent if people know they are being recorded and create a level of accountability to ensure that there is additional evidence when there are conflicting reports.

Body-worn cameras can protect users. Many cameras are designed to be seen. Someone planning on committing a crime or harassment may think twice if they realize that a camera is pointed directly at them.

Body-worn cameras are useful tools for creating reports. As with many industries, a report requires staff to recall detailed accounts of any incidents they are involved in. But how much time passes before they get the chance to sit down and write that report? Wearable solutions make this experience much easier because there is time-stamped evidence of exactly what happened.

Body-worn cameras create accountability. Body-worn cameras can corroborate accounts of activities users were involved with. Whether trying to find the middle ground of conflicting reports or verifying if a package was delivered in good condition, body-worn cameras can help quickly and easily get to the bottom of what and how an activity occurred.

Body-worn cameras serve as an educational tool. The ability to review video footage of incidents can be leveraged as a teaching mechanism on how to react to or handle situations. In sectors where protocols need to be followed closely to ensure laws, policies, and other training measures are upheld, wearable solutions create accountability to assure these are correctly followed.

Body-worn cameras can provide ROI. Many companies pay contractors for hours worked on job sites, many of which can be remote locations. Body-worn cameras are a simple way to verify how many hours employees were on any given job site. They can also provide ROI by protecting against lawsuits. For example, if a contractor is working on a remote site and the property manager claims something was damaged by the contractors, video evidence can be referenced. This can verify if a contractor was near an area of interest or if they were responsible for any damages.

Who Benefits From Body-Worn Solutions?

Body-worn cameras apply to numerous industries. Many may think of law enforcement first since officers are constantly on the move and have to write detailed reports and provide any additional evidence of an incident. In many cases, the officer then must speak to what happened in a courtroom.


In the healthcare industry, body-worn cameras can be a helpful deterrent in high-stress environments with 24/7 access and where there isn’t always a clear account of who is in the waiting room at any given time. This can also be applied to campus, casino, and stadium security, as well as other high-risk areas such as banks, jewelry stores, or other stores that more commonly fall victim to robbery attempts.

With the increase in delivery services, body-worn cameras can verify how a package was handled up until the final delivery. Companies that provide private security, whether for a company, person, or event, can provide an extra level of protection that all security contracts will be executed upon.

Introducing Axis Body Worn Cameras

Axis entered the body-worn market with an open solution to provide the versatility to choose how you want to build your solution. Since this is an open solution, it can be used with AXIS Camera Station video management software or other VMS, EMS, or RMS destinations of your choosing. The primary system components are AXIS W100 Body Worn Camera, AXIS W800 System Controller, and the AXIS W700 or AXIS W701 Docking Station (1-bay or 8-bay option). AXIS W100 Body Worn Camera has a built-in dual-mic to provide clear audio. They were also specifically designed to mimic the human eye to create a detailed account as close to what the user saw as possible.

These are high quality, durable, and dependable systems offering up to 17 hours of battery life to help get through some of the longer shifts. They can fully charge in less than four hours and come with a three-year warranty. There are a variety of accessories to help provide flexible mounting options to best fit the preferred solution you need.

From a cybersecurity perspective, Axis body worn solutions provide best in class cybersecurity standards with advanced encryption and security protocols implemented to prevent and mishandling of data during capture, transmission, or review of the footage.

Improve Your Business Operations

Body-worn cameras enable people and companies with another piece of technology to help accomplish their goals. These are far-reaching, versatile solutions that can add value across numerous industries in cases where stationary cameras are not as easy to deploy. The power of choice and power to build your strategy and solution the way you want is the power that Axis body worn cameras create.

Learn more about the dependable Axis body worn solutions and how it can improve your business operations today and tomorrow.

The opinions expressed in this piece are solely Axis’. They do not necessarily represent WESCO’s views.

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