Smart Meters: Building Your Smart Infrastructure Just Got Easier

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A smarter infrastructure begins by leveraging new and emerging technologies to ensure immediate bottom-line savings. These future-proof solutions will grow as the needs of your building change.

Smart metering systems can help you make data-driven decisions to:

  • Manage and reduce OPEX
  • Plan and justify CAPEX more efficiently
  • Safeguard equipment and the operating environment
  • Monitor and maintain operating parameters to regulatory and compliance standards

Why are smart meters different?

Smart metering systems go beyond the fundamental utility meters to provide whole-building insight at an appropriately discreet level of data. Monitoring usage and gathering real-time data will assist facility professionals in designing predictive maintenance plans, allocating CAPEX for maximum productivity, and ensuring the continuity of the operating environment all with data-driven analysis and real-time information.

Smart meters provide proactive monitoring of primary HVAC functions in buildings without complete BMS systems. Therefore, user alerts and notifications can detect issues quickly, such as utility leaks and excessive usage. With reliable and secure real-time data collection, costly unscheduled emergency repairs and downtime can be avoided.

With a smarter infrastructure, consolidated data and energy reporting are available. Centrally located remote access and reporting of multiple locations can assist with easy access to useful data analytics to help your company optimize consumption across multiple locations. Access control, equipment health monitoring, and alarming are additional tools that can assist with productivity and managing daily operations.

Smart Meter Uses

Critical Equipment Monitoring

Smart metering solutions can replace or supplement existing compliance solutions by the following:

  • Reduced labor requirements to manually record
  • Secure data storage via cloud and server-based backups
  • Automated compliance monitoring and alarming
  • Detecting ambient environmental changes that endanger the equipment or operation
Measurement and Verification Services

The usage of smart meters can provide project planning feasibility data. Through a verification process, energy savings goals that have been met or exceeded can be maintained and measured.

Why WESCO Energy Solutions?

Our team works together to create the right solution for quick ROI and the maximum level of accurate data collection. Bringing together innovative design teams, engineering experts, and 24/7 support staff, we manage and install the approved design plan while minimizing disruption to your day-to-day business operations. Learn more at our website below.

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