Exploring the Benefits of Smart Lighting for Businesses of Any Size

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There is a connectivity revolution in our midst. For the last five years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been touted as the next big thing. The latest stats from Transforma Insights estimates the number of connected IoT devices in 2020 to be 8.74 billion, up from 7.74 billion in 2019. These figures are expected to increase by 200% in 2030 and have an estimated value of more than $1 trillion globally.

It’s only a matter of time before all businesses have some form of IoT technology embedded in their operations. According to technology giant Cisco, lighting is in fact the first logical step in creating a converged IP network that integrates data gathered from unrelated networks like HVAC, metering, CCTV, physical security and scheduling, providing building intelligence that delivers “new and innovative experiences for building occupants while providing granular energy management, control, analytics and integration capabilities for building owners and operators.”

If a smart building is in your future, regardless of whether it’s a small office space or a large commercial building, then smart lighting with the Interact Pro scalable system is a great place to start.

Why Connected?

Just like connectivity has enhanced our everyday lives at home, it’s easy to appreciate how this can apply to the workplace as well. There is no question that connected lighting offers several qualitative and quantitative advantages to businesses. These include creating workplaces that are more comfortable, more secure, and more productive. Lighting controls can also boost energy savings, help meet sustainability targets, optimize maintenance and operations, as well as ensure code compliance and provide eligibility for rebate opportunities to maximize ROI on the lighting investment. Whatever the goals, businesses can benefit from smart lighting.

Comfort & Productivity

Comfort & Productivity

Operational Savings

Operational Savings

Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Why Interact? 

Given that connectivity is so pervasive, and lighting presents an ideal application for connectivity because it’s already part of the building infrastructure, how do you determine the best way to implement a ‘smart’ lighting strategy for your business? The new Interact Pro scalable system from Signify can help simplify this decision-making process. Whatever you are looking for, the Interact system can deliver what you need, from simple lighting controls to a sophisticated converged network system.

The Interact Scalable system has been developed to make the journey to smart building status easier and cost-effective. It is completely wireless, which makes the installation adaptable in a variety of spaces while reducing material and labor costs. It is designed to seamlessly deliver more functionality as the user needs change, without disrupting the base lighting installation. In fact, a major advantage of the Interact system is the extensive portfolio of Interact Ready smart lighting products available from Signify, which includes smart lamps, retrofit kits, luminaires, switches, and sensors. And to extend beyond the Signify branded solutions, other control devices are available from the Interact portfolio which allow third-party lighting products to be added to the system. It’s a solution that’s perfect for any size and any scope.

Interact Pro Foundation
Graphic provided by Signify.

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Interact Scalable Progression

The flexibility of the Interact Pro scalable system is one of the main reasons to consider this solution for your business. There are three main levels to the system: Foundation, Advanced and Enterprise. Each level can be seamlessly bridged from one to the next, and each offers unique benefits to the user.

Interact Pro Foundation

Ideal for users looking to take that first step into a connected, non-networked lighting solution, Interact Pro Foundation boosts energy savings while creating comfortable and productive workspaces for occupants. This can be achieved through Interact Pro’s adaptive dimming and dwell time functions—two unique control features which aren’t available with comparable systems.

Interact Pro Diagrams Savings

1. Compared to wired networked lighting control systems. / 2. Based on installation in the GSA-operated Metcalfe Federal Building located in Chicago, Illinois. This project was installed under the GSA Green Proving Ground Program. https://www.assets.signify.com/is/content/Signify/Assets/philips-lighting/united-states/20201013-gpg-findings-integrated-with-alc.pdf

Graphic provided by Signify.

With adaptive dimming, businesses can save up to 75% on energy costs because light levels are controlled at a more granular level. And with dwell time, the system ensures occupants remain productive by minimizing disruptions caused by changing light levels.

Plus, the wireless setup can save up to 80% on installation and material costs by equipping installers with the intuitive Interact Pro app and IR remote to fast-track the overall system setup, thereby spending less time on-site and providing opportunities to turn over more jobs.

See How Dwell Time Works


See How Adaptive Dimming Works

Interact Pro Advanced

Upgrade to Interact Pro Advanced by adding a gateway device that unlocks even more potential from your lighting system and can further reduce energy consumption by up to 85%.

The Advanced option is ideal for users looking to gain remote access, as well as cloud-based analytics to help optimize operations. Users upgrading from Interact Pro Foundation can maintain the same lighting installation, making this a very cost-effective improvement that’s suitable for either renovation or new construction applications. Using the available Interact modules, the system can support the integration of third-party luminaires to ensure maximum design flexibility.

At the Advanced level, enhancements include the ability to schedule lighting based on individual user needs and comfort, along with access to dashboards that enable remote energy monitoring, provide device diagnostics to help optimize lighting maintenance, as well as allow for multisite management.

Interact Installer ToolkitGraphic provided by Signify.

Interact Pro Enterprise

Upgrading to the Interact Building Connectivity Bridge (BCB) allows users to explore the full potential of IoT with Interact Pro Enterprise, where the possibilities for adding value beyond illumination are endless.

APIs and specialized sensors can be added to the lighting infrastructure to improve building efficiencies, improve occupational safety and productivity, and unlock even more savings with BMS integration. Some of the enhanced capabilities could include real-time wayfinding, room booking tools, occupancy data, floorplan visualization and environmental monitoring.


Interact Pro Foundation

Interact Pro Advanced

Interact Pro Enterprise

Sensor/switch control


Adaptive dimming & Dwell time

App control by one user

App control by multiple users




Energy reporting


Off-site control


Remote Diagnostics


Feature updates



Multi-site dashboards on energy & occupancy data



Space management web application



Productivity mobile app



Integration with building management system (BACnet)



Chart provided by Signify.

Beginning the Journey

The Interact Pro scalable system can help wherever you are on your smart building journey. Starting from day one, the connected lighting investment is future-ready and can scale up as business needs change. The system is compliant with the latest building regulations and codes, including ASHRAE, Title 24, IECC and UL, and qualifies for utility rebates. It also supports the widest range of lighting products on the market for the ultimate level of flexibility—including integration of third-party luminaires on top of Signify brands, such as Philips MasterConnect lamps, EvoKits and Genlyte luminaire brands for maximum design flexibility.

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