Is LED lighting right for your museum?

Stay Informed

Lighting can greatly influence how we experience a museum. It’s what draws us to the intricacies of a sculpture or the vivid colors of a painting. By illuminating these pieces the right way, museums can really enhance their visitors' viewing pleasure. 

Maximize Quality While Also Maintaining It

With LED lighting technology, museums can better complement their pieces while offering visitors a more memorable viewing experience. This technology is versatile enough to expose details that seem to only come alive when touched by light. In fact, LEDs can make artwork appear more vibrant by enhancing certain colors through varying temperatures and lumen output. This lighting also adds more depth to paintings and magnifies the visuals of their frames.

This technology can also help maintain the quality of your pieces. By releasing no UV light and minimal heat, LEDs are gentler on delicate materials such as paints, textiles and papers.

Better for the Environment – and Your Budget

The positive impact of LEDs extends beyond quality and audience appeal. They also offer several benefits for the environment – and your bottom line. Specifically, LEDs are often lauded for being energy efficient.

This technology is versatile enough to expose details that seem to only come alive when touched by light.

Installing these lights could potentially reduce your energy consumption by 80%, particularly when paired with occupancy sensors. This is mainly due to the longevity of these products (a standard LED bulb can last for up to 50,000 hours). Without the constant need to replace this lighting in your facility, you can put more time back in your workday and money in your museum’s pocket.

WESCOBlog-LEDMuseum-Bulb-20160328.jpgWhat to Know Going Forward

If you’re considering installing LEDs at your museum, there are some things you should know. The first one is to test. You won’t be certain if LEDs are the right choice until you have experienced them in your own environment. LEDs also may have a higher upfront cost, but their long lifespan and unique attributes could pay you back significantly over time.

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