Summer Safety Tips (Infographic)

Professionals who brave the elements year-round know that summertime often creates particularly harsh outdoor working conditions. Exposure to heat and the sun is not only challenging from a productivity perspective but can lead to serious short- and long-term health implications.

Datacom and Security Expert Webinar Archive

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3 Unique Industries Finding Creative Uses for Solar Energy

At 27 million degrees Fahrenheit, the sun produces large amounts of energy. This energy can be collected through a solar device that converts sunlight into electricity. Solar energy is reliable and easy to use, making it attractive to numerous businesses. In 2017, switching to solar is a trend that's gaining momentum in unexpected places. More and more unlikely industries are integrating solar energy into their everyday operations because of its cost effectiveness and reliability. 

How LED Lighting in Schools Improves More Than the Bottom Line

LED lighting in schools can do which of the following?

A. Save up to 70 percent on energy costs
B. Last several times longer with little or no maintenance
C. Provide more uniform, pleasing illumination 
D. Enhance brand appeal
E. Improve student performance 
F. All of the above

Mining in the Age of the Internet of Things

As one of the oldest and most heavily regulated trades in the world, mining faces challenges that are shared across many industries yet uniquely complex due to harsh, changing environments. While the cost of doing business rises due to volatile commodity prices and a shrinking talent pool, decision makers must maintain an urgent focus on safety, efficiency and social responsibility. Mining is well-positioned to leverage emerging technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT) to meet these competing demands.

Mine operators can take advantage of IoT data through RFIDs, Radio over IP, and video for greater safety and efficiency. 

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