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Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most lived-in areas of a home. That’s why more and more people are investing their time and money on the elements in these rooms, and all it takes to bring life to a space is the right finish.

Not only is this true for traditional homes, but also for the recreational vehicle (RV) and manufactured homes industries. In fact, when designing the living area for an RV or manufactured home, the need for more refined and well-designed space is more prevalent than ever.

So why not start with the focal point of the space – the sinks and faucets. This design element can bring new light and a splash of personality and functionality into the design. With different styles and color variations, sinks and faucets can add a bold statement to a kitchen or bath in any home.

The style and color options are endless and there are no boundaries. Whether a look is contemporary, traditional, minimalist, or something else a little more customized – the right finishes can pair with and compliment the overall vision.

Here are some of the top trending finishes in the kitchen and bath spaces today:

  • Matte black: provides a sleek, smooth and sophisticated look
  • Satin and polished brass: provides as regal and opulent feel
  • Polished and brushed nickel: provides a fresh, bright and effortlessly timeless design

We’ve partnered with Kingston Brass to showcase several of their completed projects – take a look and envision how these stylish looks could be a part of your next project.

Matte Black

If you or your clients are looking for a standout look that adds bold touches to their unique living space, Matte black may be your answer. This design element provides dark, bold fixtures that can transform any room into a sophisticated and sleek environment.

Matte Black Faucets Add a Bold Touch to Bathrooms
Best-Finish-Matte-Black-KS1430AX is a derivative of “Matte Black_KS1430AX_LSumpter_3”, used with permission from Kingston Brass®.

Looking for something that will standout? Add a few simple matte black touches throughout a room with lighter colors for a unique look.

A Matte Black Faucet is Perfect for This Kitchen Island
Best-Finish-Matte-Black-LS8720DL is a derivative of “Matte Black_LS8720DL_K6190_CGirardi”, used with permission from Kingston Brass®.

Add a matte black faucet to your kitchen for a bold statement that compliments dark or light counter tops.

Matte Black Finishes Can Be Used in Rustic Designs Too
Best-Finish-Matte-Black-3 is a derivative of “3”, used with permission from Kingston Brass®.

Interested in a more rustic feel? Matte black finishes fit flawlessly with weathered wood accents. Partnered with a dark color scheme for the perfect trending farmhouse bath.

Satin and Polished Brass

The presence of brass in kitchen and bathroom is making a comeback in the form of satin and polished brass fixtures. A touch of gold adds an extra sense of luxury and class to any space – whether it’s built in a factory or designed to travel across the country! Satin and polished brass is the ideal design element for clients who are looking for a finish to update a room or add a stately touch.

Satin Brass Boasts Luxury in This Kitchen
Best-Finish-Satin-Brass-KS1273AXBS is a derivative of “Satin Brass_KS1273AXBS_NBrzuchalski_6”, used with permission from Kingston Brass®.

Whether it’s in the bathroom or kitchen, brass offers a pop of color that can bring life to any room and boasts luxury and style.

Polished Brass Shower Fixtures Transform This Shower
Best-Finish-Satin-Brass-5 is a derivative of “5”, used with permission from Kingston Brass®.

Pairing simple touches in a bathroom can bring the design together. Scattering brass fixtures throughout the space will transform it into a gorgeous work of art.

Satin Brass Faucet in Bathroom
Best-Finish-Satin-Brass-KB1973AX is a derivative of “Satin Brass_KB1973AX_MPhillips(1)”, used with permission from Kingston Brass®.

Brass can be pulled into the design of the room in a variety of fixture options throughout the room.

This Satin Brass Faucet Works Well in Bathroom With Many Design Elements
Best-Finish-Satin-Brass-KS4463BEX-1 is a derivative of “Satin Brass_KS4463BEX_SPollio(2)”, used with permission from Kingston Brass®.

Brass finishes go well with a variety of different styles and designs. Adding a touch of brass can renew a space and entirely change the feel of a room.

Polished and Brushed Nickel

Nickel has been a popular kitchen and bath finish for years, and that won’t be changing any time soon. This finish helps freshen and brighten up a space and provides a timeless design that won’t go out of style in five years – a great option for clients to enjoy for years to come.  

A Polished Nickel Kitchen Faucet Seamlessly Fits a White Design
Best-Finish-Nickel-KS1276AXBS is a derivative of “Nickel_KS1276AXBS_KS3196AL_ENetz(3)”, used with permission from Kingston Brass®.

Perfect for a modern, contemporary, rustic, or any other design style – polished nickel is a seamless finishing touch to bring the room together.

This Polished Brass Kitchen Faucet Adds a Focal Point
Best-Finish-Nickel-KS3276AXBS is a derivative of “Nickel_KS3276AXBS_EBlanchard(5)”, used with permission from Kingston Brass®.

In a clean, white kitchen, nickel blends pairs perfectly while still adding an extra focal element to the space.

A Polished Nickel Faucet Adds a Timeless Finish to This Sink
Best-Finish-Nickel-KS1276AXBS-10 is a derivative of “Nickel_KS1276AXBS_KS3196AL_ENetz(4)”, used with permission from Kingston Brass®.

Polished nickel is the timeless finish you’ll enjoy for years to come. With a simple and clean design, it works for any space.

The Perfect Kitchen and Bathrooms are Just a Finish Away

The possibilities are endless when it comes time to add design factors to RVs and manufactured homes. Whether the vision calls for a bold statement with a matte black finish, a little extra luxury with brass finishes, or sticking with the timeless look of nickel – there’s a finish for every style. Wow your clients with a little extra design flare in their new homes by upgrading sinks and faucets to standout.

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