Resources to Help Guide You Through National Electrical Safety Month

Stay Informed

May is National Electrical Safety Month, and it’s a crucial cause to honor. Electrical hazards result in roughly 325 deaths and 4,400 injuries every year, according to the National Safety Council.

Throughout the month, the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) will run a major campaign to increase electrical safety awareness.

Education is Key

The backbone of ESFI's annual campaign is their publication "Electrical Safety Illustrated." This guide is a valuable way to educate yourself on electrical dangers and how to stay safe. This year's theme is “At Home and at Work: Make Electrical Safety Everyone’s Priority.”

ESFI recognizes that plenty of electrical incidents can happen at home and in the workplace. Their new publication highlights several of those and offers tips to help avoid them. 

Here are some features that stood out to us:

  • Why proper lockout/tagout procedures are critical to electrical safety
  • Signs that a home’s electrical system could be overburdened
  • Tips for proper extension cord use

You can find more resources on ESFI’s website, including fact sheets and templates. 

The Social Effect

Social media will also be a significant part of ESFI’s campaign. You can follow their Facebook and Twitter pages for updates throughout May and around the year. You can also help spread the word on your own channels using hashtag #NESM2016. Your voice could save someone's life.

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