How WESCO and Anixter Helped Restore Communities After Hurricane Laura

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Natural disasters can hit unexpectedly, resulting in storm damage and destruction of homes, businesses, roadways, and electrical systems. When Hurricane Laura made landfall on August 27, 2020, causing 150 mph winds, flooding, and power loss, communities in Texas and Louisiana faced complete devastation. WESCO and Anixter employees were quick to respond with power rebuild and restoration support.

How can your business prepare in the event of a natural disaster?

How to Get Started

Developing a pre-disaster implementation plan is the key to a successful restoration effort. With no time to waste, having access to resources, staging areas, and safety training are essential for fast deployment during an emergency situation. An employee training matrix can identify experienced employees with specific training and certifications to streamline the restoration process.

Along with proper training, access to personal protective equipment (PPE) and materials should be identified, obtained, and issued to employees. Here are some key materials to include in your emergency preparedness plan:

  • Storm kits and raincoats
  • Bug spray
  • Wire and cable
  • Poles and supporting structures
  • Poleline hardware

To assist with the inventory of supplies during Hurricane Laura, the WESCO and Anixter procurement team acted as third-party logistics coordinators. Employees supported material delivery, inventory documentation, inventory reporting, the picking/pulling/packing of materials, and preparing items for shipment to the construction sites.

This coordination from the WESCO and Anixter team was the key to keep the rebuild moving quickly.

Keeping Safety a Top Priority

Hurricane LauraHealth and safety should always be a top priority, especially when faced with the dangers of a natural disaster. Hurricane Laura produced destructive winds and damage across southwest Louisiana, near the Texas border, before it weakened to a tropical depression. The aftermath consisted of additional rainfall, leaving roads flooded and blocked with debris.

Despite the major storm damage, the WESCO and Anixter team was a step ahead, reacting quickly to Hurricane Laura by following a pre-disaster implementation plan and combining our distribution and transmission product and service solutions. WESCO and Anixter helped to rebuild and repair over 10,000 electrical poles, 2,700 transformers, and nearly 1,600 transmission structures.

During the months of September through early November, the WESCO and Anixter team helped with additional recovery tasks, including:

  • Heavy lift and crane operations
  • Site safety coordination
  • Sanitation and hydration
  • Lighting and site maintenance
  • Garbage collection

With a commitment to safety and pre-planned processes, crews assisting with the destruction of Hurricane Laura were able to help the communities recover more quickly and effectively.

Taking the Next Step

When it comes to disaster recovery, supply chain management is essential. Having the right partner can help your business with dedicated stock and storm inventory, safety planning and training, and post-storm materials to get your facility back up and running.

WESCO and Anixter provide quality recovery and rebuilding assistance. With our skilled team and expertise, we’re here to help with your emergency preparedness plan from start to finish. Learn more about our disaster preparation and recovery products.

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