3 Options to Improve Your Healthcare Facility's Wireless Capacity

There’s no doubt that the healthcare industry is embracing mobility. A recent survey  of healthcare companies found that 65 percent of those surveyed are investing in wireless infrastructure upgrades to support the growing number of monitors, machines and devices that rely on wireless connectivity. Only 40 percent of healthcare providers say they have adequate wireless connectivity in their facilities today.

How the Internet Is Making Buildings Smart

When architects design buildings, they think about more than just style or aesthetics. They also consider the user experience — how occupants will move about in, function in, and even enjoy a building. And now a new tool, the Internet of Things (IoT), is taking design to a whole new level.

3 Hot Topics Security Pros Will Discuss at ISC West Security Conference

Wireless controls, cloud-based systems, and smaller, more powerful surveillance cameras will be among the technologies on display at the annual ISC West security conference in Las Vegas April 6-8.

Have you heard about the “huddle room?”

If you prefer meeting in smaller groups, here’s some encouraging news. A growing trend is that of the “huddle room," a small conference room or meeting space designed specifically for the little group.

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