Power over Ethernet LED Lighting and the Data Center

Today’s data centers face more demands than ever before. The increasing number of connected devices, along with more data and users, has pushed data center managers to find creative methods to efficiently meet network requirements. While lighting makes up a small percent of a data center’s load, it presents a unique opportunity for addressing energy efficiency.

Streamline Lighting Projects With Staged-and-Stored Solutions

Efficiency on a lighting project is critical to profitability. Contractors seek ways to save time and money — particularly on labor costs — to ensure maximum profitability from every job. While lighting installations come with their own set of challenges, properly managing material can save time and ultimately increase job profitability.

Lighting the Path to LED

Over the last decade, rapid improvements in lighting technology coupled with a focus on energy conservation backed by legislation have resulted in a noisy marketplace. Consumers are inundated as big brands compete every day to get their latest products and statistics online.

How LED Lighting in Schools Improves More Than the Bottom Line

LED lighting in schools can do which of the following?

A. Save up to 70 percent on energy costs
B. Last several times longer with little or no maintenance
C. Provide more uniform, pleasing illumination 
D. Enhance brand appeal
E. Improve student performance 
F. All of the above

Mining in the Age of the Internet of Things

As one of the oldest and most heavily regulated trades in the world, mining faces challenges that are shared across many industries yet uniquely complex due to harsh, changing environments. While the cost of doing business rises due to volatile commodity prices and a shrinking talent pool, decision makers must maintain an urgent focus on safety, efficiency and social responsibility. Mining is well-positioned to leverage emerging technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT) to meet these competing demands.

Mine operators can take advantage of IoT data through RFIDs, Radio over IP, and video for greater safety and efficiency. 

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