How Multi-Sensor Cameras Cut the “Tree” for a Better View

Have you ever seen multiple security cameras grouped in one spot in a stadium or parking garage? More than one camera may be required to provide full coverage of large areas. But a “camera tree” that mounts a camera off of each branch, or one massive enclosure that houses four full-size brick cameras, is awkward — and ugly.

How to Know If Your Emergency Plan Is (or Isn't) Protecting Your Campus

Universities and colleges face many possible risks. While it may be impossible to plan for every crisis situation, you can put processes in place to be prepared. Creating a robust emergency plan is the first step to ensuring a safe place for students, faculty, and the general public. But once your plan is in place, how do you know if it is actively protecting your campus?  

Solutions for Creating a Keyless Access Control System

If you’ve stayed at a hotel recently, you likely weren’t given a traditional room key. This is because there is a growing shift toward digital locks, including among commercial businesses. More companies are seeing huge value in converting to electronic door access through standalone, all-encompassing networked, or hybrid systems.  

How to Give Your Customers a First-Rate Video Surveillance System

There is much to consider when helping customers design a complete video surveillance system. Getting started will involve selecting the right materials, understanding the installation process, and knowing how to prepare for future growth and change.

6 Tips for Creating a Robust Emergency Plan for Your Campus

In the event of a critical situation, campuses could save lives with the help of a strong emergency plan. To get there, they must think beyond traditional security methods. Those approaches are a solid start, but they might not be enough. Now campuses must evaluate all potential security scenarios to ensure the safety of students and staff.

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