WESCO’s 2021 Lean Leader Award Announced

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When it comes to implementing high-performing supply chain models, Lean principles play a powerful role. Lean optimization processes can be deployed to reduce waste, increase efficiencies and provide measurable savings for companies in many industries.

WESCO has a long-standing culture grounded in Lean principles and launched an annual Lean Leader award in 2010 to celebrate an employee who goes above and beyond to live these values. The Lean Leader recipient is recognized for identifying areas of improvement and activating a structured approach to create sustainable solutions that benefit our customers. Additionally, the Lean Leader is a champion of our Lean culture that values issue identification, problem-solving and process improvement to elevate customer and supplier experiences.

We are pleased to announce that James Urias, operations manager at our Phoenix, Arizona, location, has been named WESCO's 2021 Lean Leader.

Outstanding Operational Leadership

WESCO-LeanAwardJames-Blog-April2021James provides exceptional leadership in continually improving our operations and empowering his team to make data-driven decisions. As a result, his contributions help us super-serve our industrial, construction and datacom customers in the Phoenix region.

This past year, James used Lean methodology and data analytics to improve how material was organized and labeled when received in our Phoenix location. The solution reduced damage and material waste, ensuring that all needed products were on hand so customers could receive accurate orders faster.

“Our commitment to Lean has given us the tools needed to identify any disruptions in service to our customers. Lean tools provided the problem-solving skills needed to implement better processes that drive better service and performance across the board,” said James.

James is also deeply committed to workplace health and safety. With James leading as operations manager, our Phoenix location recently celebrated more than 760 injury-free days and reached zero recordable incidents in 2019 and 2020.

WESCO-LeanAwardBanner-Blog-April2021These achievements underscore WESCO’s dedication to operating in an environmentally friendly, safe and sustainable manner. In 2020 and 2019, WESCO reduced its total recordable incident rate by 25 percent and 53 percent, respectively.

Together, WESCO is helping customers succeed in an ever-changing work environment to stay safe and productive in our new normal. This is why we leverage Lean principles throughout our business and provide sustainable solutions to customers looking to improve their business processes.

World-Class Supply Chain Solutions

WESCO offers services to help build your competitive advantage, digitally connected smart solutions that increase efficiency, and capabilities to serve you globally. Our end-to-end supply chain management solutions improve productivity and reduce operating costs. Learn more about our Lean optimization processes and supply chain solutions that deliver tangible value to your bottom line.


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